Previously Sold

Queensland Maple/ Sitka Spruce Tommy Gun

Honduran Rosewood/ Western Red Cedar Tommy Gun.

Cocobolo / Western Red cedar OM

Indian Rosewood European Spruce OM

Indian Rosewood /Adirondack Spruce Dreadnought

Indian Rosewood / European Spruce Dreadnought

Pao Ferero /Western Red cedar Baritone Ukulele

Queensland Maple / European Spruce 12 String.

Silky Oak / Sitka Spruce OM


All Silky Oak baritone Uke

Indian Rosewood /Western Red Cedar Classical



All Blackwood Jumbo Soprano



Victorian blackwood / Adirondack Spruce jumbo Soprano

Victorian Ash / European Spruce OM

Victorian Blackwood / Western Red Cedar OM

Victorian Blackwood /Sitka Spruce Baritone Uke

Queensland Maple /Sitka Spruce OM

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